Currently reading: The Unwritten Rules of PhD Research, Second Edition

I recently bought a PhD preparation book before I start a new journey as a research assistant in Germany. The title of the book is The Unwritten Rules of PhD Research, Second Edition” by Marian Petre and Gordon Rugg.

This book is actually pretty old, owing to the fact that it was first published in 2004! But I think the information is still relatable to today’s society. Please note that this book was written based on the UK education system, therefore, many of its contents are based on the UK system.

This book includes the very first things we need to know as a PhD student, including the definition of PhD, the skills required to be a good PhD student, the type of PhD, type of supervisors, the networking, the writing skills, conferences, publications, and even things that you should do after you finish your PhD. They are all covered in 17 chapters, written in a casual way hence it is easier to understand.

I am currently going into chapter 4, but I have learned so many things that I have to prepare before I start my PhD journey. Hopefully, I can finish it this month so that I can focus on the research topic after this.

Anyway, this book is of course only capable of giving us information and it is not the one who will train us throughout the PhD life. But at least it can guide us a bit during our survival game in the PhD Jungle for several years.