After 3 Years of Research: My Perspective

I think research is like caffeine. The more you have it, the more difficult it is to resist the temptation.

This is my short opinion about research.

When you are doing it, you thought thousands of times why you did it in the first place.

What a “great” choice, you might sarcastically say that.

I should have not do this, why did I choose that method,  how am I supposed to deal with this results, how if prof get mad at me, etc etc.

Yes, I might not be a good researcher yet judging from those negative thought about research.

But definitely,  I don’t hate research. Instead, I’m craving more of it now when I have finished my Master degree.

When I did my master degree, I could see the passion burning within myself whenever I do trial and error in my experiments, synthesize my own materials, do the analysis, and I feel the heartbeat rushing while waiting and reading the result.

I was not sure whether those symptoms were just because I have the urge the graduate.

But now after the graduation, I realize that it might be just who I am. I love research.

I know that sometimes (well, many times) the research might not go like how you want it to be. The experiment might have failed halfway cos you forgot to set the timer, the instrument might have been unavailable when you need it, the result might have been as bad as a shipwreck.

Broken heart doing research? well I think every scientists and researchers have experienced this, but it does not (and it should not) stop us from seeking the truth and seeking the right way to do our research.

The most important thing is to keep going and keep asking, keep recording your data, keep being detailed, keep being curious, keep thinking for the possibilities, and keep our mind open, cos that’s will guide us to the truth.

Someday,  you will realize that the sweat of your hardwork, the tears rolling down your cheek, your earnest prayers every night, are worth your time.

You never waste time while doing research, cos every step matters.

Salute for all researchers out there, you can overcome your struggles.


Inna Yusnila Khairani


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