Weekly Post Challenge

Hello, everyone!

It feels like years since the last time I wrote an article here hahaha, sorry for the long wait! I actually want to write a looooot of things that have happened to me since I enrolled at SNU, there were ups and downs, joy and bitterness, therefore, I came up with the idea of weekly post challenge, to cover all of those unforgettable stories I have while residing in Korea!

But before that, I need to make sure all of my beloved readers would read this short notice (important part in bold).

I spend about one hour to reply around 10 comments because I really want to elaborate everything that I know in detail. Therefore, I really appreciate if readers would take more time to read the other comments (and of course my answers) before asking a question.

No, it does not mean I do not like you people asking me, I actually feel motivated to continue working on the website because of the comments you leave, but it is kinda sad if the efforts I worked on answering the comment are buried because no one takes a second look. I would really appreciate if you ask by replying to the comment which is related to your question, therefore it will be easier for me to help you solve the issue 🙂 If you have tried to read the comment and cannot find one which is related, feel free to leave a new comment!

Oh also, I would really appreciate if you leave the comment in a bulleted form, thus I can grasp the question well 🙂

second notice…

I deactivated my IG, hahaha. Although it is only temporary because I might need it later, it was kinda a good decision at this moment. Because before I deactivated my IG, I spent hours on it every day without realizing that I could have written something helpful about pursuing scholarships or studying abroad in this website. This made me really disappointed in myself! 😞 

Therefore, I temporarily deactivated my IG and am trying to be more productive by writing more. I got this motivation especially after listening to a talk by Pak Cah, author of Wonderful Family, as I asked him a question how to get the motivation to write (I might write a post about his talk). And he answered something like “set your priority right”.

So, yes, I want to prioritize writing on my website more. Specifically saying, I am resolved to post weekly article since this month. Please kindly let me know if you have any particular story in your mind, I would greatly appreciate it 😊 And I also want to hear your opinion, whether it would be better to write in English or in Indonesian. Thanks before 🙂

Third, for those who celebrate Ramadhan…

In less than 2 weeks we will have this month full of blessings, I am so happy to welcome this beautiful month! I really hope we can spend this year Ramadhan well, wherever you are! Because it is indeed more challenging if you are living in a country with Muslim as a minority. Generally speaking, people will start to question your motivation for fasting, and you need to commute for a longer distance to reach the Mosque, then do the taraweeh prayer at around 9:30 pm, and more importantly, we do not have our family to break the fasting with or eating sahoor together. but it is okay! this is the beauty of Ramadhan, we will appreciate more all of those time we had, and appreciate the time that God still gives us till now. Happy Ramadhan!

Fourth and last…

I am having two exams on this week and next week, and they did make me freaked out a little bit because this one subject is about Transmission Electron Microscope. It deals a lot with math and physics in which I do not have strong backgrounds. And another subject is about Nanomaterials, where I need to present a kind of research proposal or research progress. But up until now, I have not really decided on my topic yet because of some circumstances, therefore I hope you could wish me luck with my research! Oh, anyway, I would love to write some articles about my academic life, including lectures and research progress on this website. Please kindly let me know if you are interested!

That is all the post for this week! Starting today, I will post at least one article every week. The topic will be random, but if you have a certain topic that you wanna read, please leave a comment below!

Thank you for reading, and have a great day (or rest)!


SNU Dormitory, Sunday 6th May 2018.



ps. yesterday was Children Day in Korea. but because it was on Saturday, the government decided to make this Monday as a holiday too. That’s why I am up till this late 😆 (currently at 12:08 am)

pps. I spent 2 hours on this short notice! that’s a pretty long time. But I heard that writing skills can be improved by writing more, so I am looking forward to it!


How I Met My Supervisor (HIMMS): Part 2

I will continue the story with the last part of How I Met My Supervisor. I hope I could still elaborate it well because it has been so long since it happened 🤔

I was both happy and anxious at the same time when I heard that the department already assigned me with a laboratory; happy because I got a laboratory, but anxious because of the spin dynamics things.

After my friend and I heard that we got our laboratory already, we went outside of the department because nevertheless, we could not meet our supervisor that day. So we went to the student center to look around and took a photo. Then we went on our separate way.

That was when suddenly I got an email from the professor.

In the email, the professor said that he wanted to meet me on Monday. But at that time I would have been in Daejeon so I asked him whether we could make the meeting sooner, like on Saturday or Sunday (it was Friday, by the way). And he said OK to meet on Saturday 😊

I was actually feeling guilty because that weekend was supposed to be my holiday with my KGSP friends (Gita, Ana, and Bobby) but I had to meet my supervisor because that would be the last chance during the week. Fortunately, my friends understood and were even being so considerate by pushing back our traveling schedule, oh I love them so much!

So the next day, after I visit the Line Store in Myeongdong with my friends, I said goodbye and headed to SNU. On the way there, I spared some time to eat nearby the Nakseongdae Station and bought some bread for the supervisor. It would be my first time meeting him so I really did not want to make any bad impression. Then I got an email from him that I could just call him when I had arrived in SNU, and I replied with an OK then I rode the bus to SNU.

Well, unfortunately, bad things happened. I forgot that I ran out of phone balance so I could not place a call to tell my supervisor that I have already arrived at SNU. I was thinking that I could make a transfer from Woori bank with my Hana bank account but turned out that it was impossible (perhaps because the ATM machine did not support all card or something). So I was a little bit panicking and sent an email to him telling that I already arrived in SNU but I did not have any phone balance.

So instead of waiting outside of the building, I just went inside and rushed to his office. I knocked several times but there was no answer! 😨 Then while sending another email to him, I waited for several minutes but still, there was no reply…

So I went to the administration office, hoping that perhaps it would be opened even if it was Saturday. When I reached the floor, I suddenly met a man on his 30s or 40s and without thinking, I threw a question whether he knew where would my Professor be (I said my Prof’s name). And turned out that he was my supervisor! Woaa I was so relieved that I finally met him!

He gave me a Callister book! The Holy book of Materials Science Engineering. The price is 90.000 won and just gave me the book saying it was a present for me.

He welcomed me with such warm manners as he talked a lot during our way to the office. I did not feel any awkward moments or feeling anxious while around him, I guess because he was open to speaking about anything, even about his family; he is married with 3 children.

And after a little bit of chit-chat about some casual stuff, he told me about the research topic. He said that when the department received my application, he read about the nanomaterials so he chose me. Because he wanted to do research about nanoparticles especially about nano magnetic so he thought it might be suitable for me. I was so happy when I knew that he considered about that thing! Since I thought that he might ask me to do about spin dynamics or something that would be totally new for me. And also I am pretty interested in nano magnetic as they have broad range of application, thank God 😌

After some times had passed, suddenly we heard the knocking sound. They were my laboratory senior! When I first saw them, I was actually mesmerized by their appearance! Well actually I was thinking that SNU students might look nerdy or too serious, but they dressed really well and had good appearances, so pretty and handsome, kkk.

The professor introduced me to them and he asked them to help me about anything (because I was new here). The prof later gave me a book (Materials Science and Engineering by Callister) and then asked my seniors to take me to the laboratory and introduce me to the other lab mates.

The laboratory is located in the building number 37 and it has many instruments which were new to me. Several times, the senior said that I must have tried this or that instruments but innocently I just said I have not used any of those instruments (well that is the truth). But fortunately, he was okay with that and just told me that someone would teach me.

After the lab tour, the senior took me to a cafe nearby the department to grab some beverages. I think it is a culture here to welcome someone, so I happily followed them and grab a cup of juice. I thought after that we would separate our way but turned out that they asked me to sit down again in the student center. Woa I felt so welcomed, they were so nice.

We chit-chatted about so many stuff and I even asked them whether it was difficult to study in SNU. And they said yes without thinking, lol. I was not surprised though because I also expected it to be difficult (already heard a lot about SNU…). I need to be brave because I already took this path of living 😂

We ended the meet up after several minutes of chatting and said goodbye in front of the students center. I really hope that I will get along well with all lab members there ❤️


Thank you for reading this article!


Seoul National University Dormitory Bld. 902,

10:15 p.m. 29th of August 2017

Early of Autumn (it is cold already)

Inna YK

Pengumuman dan Info Interview



Mohon maaf, dikarenakan kesibukan untuk persiapan ujian TOPIK, saya sementara tidak bisa membalas email maupun komen dengan cepat. Mohon pengertiannya 🙂


Untuk yg kemarin sudah mendaftar KGSP, semoga sukses dalam aplikasinya, dan sampai berjumpa di Korea!


Tambahan: dikarenakan banyak pertanyaan mengenai waktu pengumuman interview, saya akan menjelaskan sedikit tentang hal tersebut.

Sewaktu periode saya dulu, saya diberi kabar via telepon dan email bahwa lolos seleksi tahap pertama pada bulan Maret tanggal 14. Dalam emailnya juga disebutkan bahwa saya harus menghadiri interview pada tanggal 17 Maret 2016. Sewaktu itu saya mendapat kloter pagi, dari jam 9-12 dan harus datang jam 8. Jadwal interview akan diberikan saat sampai di embassy.

Good luck semuanya!

Study Plan KGSP


Hello, pals, how are you?

During my stay in Korea, many people asked me about KGSP application, especially about what to write in study plan or future plan sections. It is actually something that you know very well but somehow difficult to make it as a plan or even how to start the essay. In my case, I also need to read almost all of the comments from a certain blog (made by Indonesian who already got KGSP scholarship) just to have an insight how to start the study plan. If I did not find it, perhaps I would just end up like SpongeBob and his essay.


So today I want to explain some tips about how to write study plan based on my experience. Please note that I will not share my own application because firstly it was my personal story and experience, and secondly because I do not want to limit your creativity and imagination in writing your own life plan.

  1. Divide your plan into terms, for example, you will be staying in Korea for 3 years, so you can make it as 6 school-terms plan. Create it as a bullet or numbered list because it will be easier to read, and do not forget to give emphasis for every plan that you think will have a great impact on your development during each term.
  2. Make it obvious and straight-forward. Do not make complex sentences in the application because it might be difficult for the interviewer to understand what you wrote.
  3. Show the connection between your study plan and your future plan. The study plan while living in Korea must be the foundation for what you want to achieve after finishing the study. It could be like joining some club activities or publish a journal and explain what impact they would have for the future.
  4. Do not forget that you will be staying to learn the language for 6 months or 1 year (depends on the Korean skills though), so you could also mention your eagerness to study Korean.

Well, for now, those all I could suggest for you about the study plan. If next time I had another tips or suggestion, I will add as a new post.

About the study plan, please make sure that you are really passionate about what you will do while staying in Korea or even in the future. I learned that in a few countries (usually far-far away from Korea), they have very low interest on KGSP, even only 2 persons applied and both of them get accepted (heard it from my fellow because it’s her own experience) and also their government even asked few students to accept the scholarship.

Okay, It might be a paradise for some of you who love Korea and are currently living in those countries, BUT for you who are living in Indonesia, or the other with high competition rate, you should show and prepare the very best of you. Because many people are also aiming for it, with all of them showing different educational background, experience, and also soft-skills.

The acceptance rate in Indonesia for my batch was 10/500, which means from 500 applications to the embassy, only 10 got the scholarship. But do not lose your hope before you face the battle itself. Fighting!


5 Tips for Future Plan (KGSP Application)

Future Plan

Hello all! Thanks for visiting my website. In this post, I provide some tips about how to write a Future Plan in KGSP application. I hope it could help you to have some ideas about what should be mentioned in the future plan.

Suggestion on how to write a future plan:

  1. Divide your plan into short term goal and long term goal. For example, the short-term goal could be your goals during 3 years period after obtaining your degree in Korea and the long term goal is what you will do after completing the short term goal.
  2. You should only mention what you truly want to do, and not because you think it will impress the interviewer. Because in the Embassy track interview test, one of the interviewers is a psychologist, therefore he/she would know if you are not telling the truth.
  3. It does not have to be something related to Korea or your home country. It is basically what you want in your life. The interviewer once said that they do not mind about what path you choose later because the scholarship does not require you to work in Korea or go back directly to your home country.
  4. It would be better if you could mention the reason behind your goal, such as personal experience or insight for a greater good. It will make the interviewer to have a better understanding for your passion or your dream, and why you really want to achieve those.
  5. Make it related to your study plan, because writing a completely contrary put no meaning for your study in Korea. For my case, I wrote in the study plan about how would I spent my 3 years in Korean to be a great scientist, therefore in my future plan, I mentioned my passion as a scientist and what I desire in the future while being a scientist.

Those are all that I could suggest for writing the Future plan for scholarship application, especially KGSP. If you have another suggestion or maybe a detailed question about the future plan, please mention in the comment section below. Thank you and Happy New Year 2017! 🙂


KGSP: Pengalaman Pribadi

Halo pemburu beasiswa! Akhirnya aku ada kesempatan (dan keinginan) untuk menuliskan pengalaman selama mengajukan beasiswa KGSP nih. Sebenernya udah banyak artikel yang membahas mengenai tata cara pendaftaran KGSP, tapi demi memberikan gambaran selengkap mungkin bagi para pemburu beasiswa, aku ingin memberikan secuplik pengalaman selama mendaftar. FYI, artikel yang ini fokus pada pengalaman pribadi, dan bukan berisi informasi mengenai tata cara pendaftaran dsb. InsyaAllah artikel lain segera menyusul 🙂

Periode Pendaftaran

Sedikit cerita, setelah lulus pada bulan November 2015, aku buru-buru memfokuskan diri untuk mendaftar beasiswa. Tujuan utama saya adalah Jerman, luasannya adalah Eropa. Maka dari itu saya mendaftar beasiswa Action 1 Erasmus+ di 3 konsorsium berbeda (akan segera ditulis).

Pada akhir Februari itu, aku menunggu wawancara dari konsorsium FAME yang udah dijadwalkan seminggu sebelumnya. Namun, satu jam setelah waktu janjian, interviewer belum menghubungi via Skype. Dengan galau, aku pikir beliau membatalkan secara spihak (fyi, interview sudah gagal 2x karena cuaca buruk di Perancis).

Karena timbul perasaan “kepepet” dan ngebet tahun 2016 harus berangkat master, aku langsung ngebut membuat aplikasi utk KGSP. Beasiswa ini udah sempat di-list tahun lalu, tapi terpikir untuk mendaftar setelah insiden wawancara yg gagal. Walhasil dengan waktu yg mepet sekitar 1,5 minggu dari deadline, saya langsung cus nyiapin semua dokumen. Alhamdulillah karena sudah 3x apply beasiswa, dokumen saya langsung lengkap dan menulis motivasi, rencana studi, dkk saya selesaikan dalam 3-5 jam (pakai template beasiswa sebelumnya :p).

Banyak orang yg persiapannya matang bisa memilih antara mendaftar melalui Univ atau Embassy Track. Waktu itu aku langsung ambil embassy karena belum sempat kontak dengan prof di Korea, dan waktu yg tidak cukup untuk mengirim dokumen. Selain itu di Embassy track, pendaftar bs memilih hingga 3 univ, yg berarti peluang diterima lebih besar. Berkas kemudian aku kirim ke Embassy di Jakarta setelah mendapat surat rekomendasi dari supervisor saya di Jogja sekitar awal Maret 2016. Sisanya tinggal menunggu hasil apakah diundang untuk wawancara di Embassy.

Sekitar 1 bulan kemudian saat saya sedang di Sekretariat SBC (sbg volunteer), Ms. Lee dari embassy menelpon saya dan memberikan undangan wawancara seminggu kemudian. Ia mengingatkan untuk membawa beberapa berkas yang dirasa kurang saat administrasi (dokumen wajib dicap notaris dan diterjemahkan tersumpah). Alhasil saya langsung memesan tiket kereta sebelum harganya semakin mahal, hahaha.

Proses wawancara

Selama perjalanan Solo – Jakarta, saya latihan wawancara dengan sahabat saya yg turut menemani ke Jakarta. Salah satu pertanyaan yang diajukannya adalah: “Mengapa mendaftar KGSP padahal sebelumnya kamu les bhs jerman dan mendaftar beasiswa ke Eropa?

Jawabanku saat itu agak belepotan. Kemudian dibantu teman saya, kami sampai pada suatu jawaban:”Asal negara tersebut mendukung penuh perkembangan science dan teknologi, maka saya sangat willing untuk melanjutkan master disana.”

Demi tiket murah, kami sampai di Stasiun PSE pada pkl. 1 am. Saya pikir kami bisa menunggu dan bersiap-siap di Sta. PSE, tapi kenyataannya adalah banyak orang berpikiran sama! Ya ampun, saat itu sangat ramai hingga kami bingung mencari tempat kosong. Lebih buruknya, kamar mandi baru dibuka jam 4 pagi. Namun alhamdulillah, ada seorang nenek memberikan sebagian korannya untuk kami, jadi 2 jam akhirnya ngemper di depan alfamart PSE. Akibat ngantuk tak tertahankan, akhirnya kami keluar dr stasiun dan pindah ke Dunkin Donut.

Sesampainya di depan Embassy (naik GrabCar dan kena tilang karena nerabas jalan verboden), saya dan teman saya segera berjalan ke pos satpam. Tiba-tiba sahabat saya diusir keluar dan tidak boleh masuk! “Gila, terus dia nunggu dimana dong ya ampun!” hanya itu yg terbesit dipikiran saya, hahaha. Untungnya dia punya semacam headquarter-nya shg saya bisa wawancara dengan sedikit tenang. Jadi buat kalian yg sampai tahap wawancara, jangan bawa teman ke embassy yaa.

Sewaktu masuk ke ruangan tunggu, sudah ada 4 orang lain di dalam; ada yang pendiam, ada yg cheerful, ada yg pemalu, ada yg kayak putri Solo (suaranya lembuut banget). Kami bergiliran untuk mengenalkan diri dan saling share mengenai Korea. Total di ruangan ada 18 orang untuk kloter pagi, dan 12 orang di kloter siang. Keseluruhan pendaftar jalur ini adalah 479 orang (dilihat dari website embassy).

Singkat cerita, nama saya dipanggil setelah sekian lama (urutan 16 atau 17). Proses interview untuk saya dalam bahasa inggris. Namun beberapa teman ada yang ditanyakan dalam English+Indo, English+Indo+Korea, Indo saja, dan bahkan Korea saja. Jadi jika kalian sudah punya kemampuan bahasa korea, besar kemungkinan untuk ditanya dalam bahasa korea. Untuk kemampuan bahasa ini, sangat disarankan untuk menguasai speaking bahasa inggris dengan baik.

Berikut adalah cuplikan pembicaraan yang saya ingat di dalam ruang wawancara:

  1. Interviewer (3 orang) memperkenalkan diri, dan sedikit berbasa-basi mengenai diri saya. Waktu itu salah seorang bilang: “Wajahmu sangat familiar, apakah kita pernah bertemu?” yah intinya, mereka mencairkan suasana supaya saya tidak tegang. Jarak meja sekitar 3 m, dan meja diletakkan di depan interviewer. Jd seluruh postur saat wawancara akan terlihat.
  2. Pertanyaan inti langsung ditanyakan begitu selesai basa-basi. Seorang langsung menanyai saya:”Wah, univ yang kamu daftar bagus-bagus. Tapi kenapa kamu ambil material science?” jadi yg harus dipersiapkan adalah alasan major yg kalian ambil. Jujur aja, ngga perlu bertele-tele untuk mengembangkan indonesia kalo memang bukan itu alasan kalian. Waktu itu aku jawab intinya krn passion thdp perkembangan ilmu material. Jawabanku saat itu tidak terlalu mengesankan, ekspresi wajah mereka terlihat tidak tertarik, hahaha.
  3. Pertanyaan selanjutnya:”kamu dulu dari Kimia, kenapa pindah ke material?” yak, ini adalah pertanyaan umum untuk pendaftar yang cross-major, jadi harus dipersiapkan baik-baik. Intinya aku jawab kalau memang dari awal kuliah saya ambil minat material chemistry, jadi dibilang cross juga engga, karena materi kuliahnya sama. Bahkan UG thesis saya mengenai material chemistry.” Mereka angguk-angguk aja.
  4. “Kamu tau, aku sangat tertarik dengan study plan kamu yang sangat berbeda dari pendaftar lain. Kamu jujur mengutarakan ini itu, dan tidak menuliskan untuk bekerja sebagai A, ataupun menyebutkan untuk mengabdi pada negaramu.” Waktu itu aku mau jawab, tapi beliau lanjut ngomong lagi.

“Well, ini bukan berarti kami tidak terima krn study-planmu sangat berbeda. Bahkan kami sangat apresiasi perbedaan pemikiran ini, sangat unik. Coba tolong ceritakan mengapa kamu ingin menjadi B, dan bukan A? Ingat, menolak menjadi A tidak akan membuatmu gagal.”

Untuk pertanyaan ini, saya menjawab: Saya ingin mencicipi dunia profesional. Karena saat di dunia perkuliahan, mahasiswa hanya dihadapkan pada hal teoritis (seperti yg saya alami selama di UG) yang mana sangat tidak realistis. Kehidupan di dunia kerja sangatlah berbeda, sehingga saya juga ingin hidup dalam realitas, dan bukan teori belaka.

“Ya, aku paham itu. Jadi intinya kamu ingin bangun dan merasakan realitas yang terjadi sesungguhnya, dan bukan hanya teori?”

Tepat sekali, saya ingin memiliki lebih banyak pengalaman terlebih dahulu saat menjadi B, dan caranya adalah dengan bekerja di X, Y, atau Z. tapi ini bukan berarti saya tidak ingin mengabdi ke Indonesia. Beberapa tahun setelah mencari pengalaman, saya akan kembali ke Indonesia dan mengabdikan diri. Karena saya telah belajar secara profesional (bukan hanya teori), akan lebih mudah bagi saya untuk menerapkannya di Indonesia.

Jawaban saya ini membuat interviewer senyum-senyum :p

  1. Pertanyaan selanjutnya:”Kamu sudah pernah ke negara mana aja?”

Jawabanku:”tahun 2009, saya mengikuti semacam Youth Science Jamboree di Singapore. Di sana saya dikenalkan pada dunia science, seperti mengunjungi Museum The Body World, Waste Water Management milik Singapore, dan juga Science Center Museum. Hal lain seperti ke Sentosa Island dan menonton Song of the Sea, hehehe.” Penanya-nya ikutan ketawa.

“yang kedua, bulan agustus tahun lalu, saya diajak oleh dosen saya untuk presentasi poster di Australia, conference-nya bernama IMMS 9. Saya mempresentasikan karya tugas akhir saya, dan semuanya disupport oleh supervisor.”

  1. “Apakah sedang atau sudah mendaftar beasiswa lain?”

Jawabanku: saya telah mendaftar beasiswa Erasmus Mundus untuk ke Eropa. (lalu penjelasan sedikit mengenai konsorsium). Namun saya tidak diterima di beasiswa tersebut. Hehe

“It’s no problem. Tapi sebenarnya kamu mau kemana? Kayaknya kamu pengen ke eropa ya? Kenapa malah daftar ini?”

Jawabanku: saya tidak pernah membatasi negara mana yang saya tuju. Asalkan negara tersebut mendukung tinggi perkembangan sains dan teknologi, maka saya akan belajar di situ. Jadi mau itu di Jerman, di US, maupun di Korea, itu akan sama saja karena semuanya sangat supportive terhadap sains dan teknologi.

  1. Penutup: interviewer bilang padaku:”Oke, jadi intinya kamu mau melanjutkan master di materials Science di negara manapun yg supportive ya? Oke, InsyaAllah.”

Waktu itu aku bingung karena pengucapan insyaAllah nya tidak sejelas orang indonesia. Kalo ada yg pernah lihat DoTS dimana Joongki bilang InsyaAllah, nah itu sama persis. Akhirnya interviewer yg dari indo membetulkan pengucapan dan semuanya ketawa, gitu. Hahaha.

Wawancara berlangsung cepat, sekitar 30 – 60 menit. Saat itu aku diinterview selama 45 menit, tapi rasanya seperti 10 menit karena interviewer supportive dan easy-going (bahkan ke semua pendaftar). Untuk cara menjawab, usahakan selalu yakin dan menatap mata interviewer. Saat pertanyaan pertama, aku agak kaget krn sangat to the point, jadi terlihat nggak meyakinkan. Apapun jawaban kalian tidak ada yg salah, jadi pede aja 🙂

List pertanyaan yang diatas sepertinya belum lengkap, tapi InsyaAllah semua pertanyaan penting sudah disebutkan. Ini adalah beberapa pertanyaan yang ditanyakan kepada teman-teman saya:

  1. Mengapa memilih Korea?
  2. Mengapa pilih Univ A, B, dan C?
  3. Mengapa ingin berprofesi jadi A?
  4. Bagaimana pendapatmu tentang TKI di Korea?
  5. Apa yang mau kamu berikan ke Indonesia?
  6. Hidup di Korea itu berat lho. Kamu yakin bisa bertahan disana? Bagaimana?
  7. Apa yang kamu lakukan setelah lulus?


Terima kasih telah membaca 🙂