Jeju Muslim Tour: Praying Rooms are Provided – Day 2

Hello, everyone!

This is my second post for the Jeju Muslim Tour sponsored by Jeju Tourism Organization. Alhamdulillah, it was such an amazing journey with two managers and seven other Muslims from several countries. On the second day, we visited many attraction sites including Play KPOP, Teddy Bear Museum, and Ilchul Land. We also ate in a traditional Korean restaurant with homey feelings, New Jayeonero, and a very well-known seafood restaurant in Jeju Island, Gojib Dolureok.

I will elaborate on the visited places one by one based on the timeline order, but for this post, I want to focus more on the praying rooms that we can find on the tourism sites and also the accommodation place. Hopefully, Muslims who are currently visiting Jeju or will be going to Jeju will have no problem to find a praying room.

This is the schedule of our tour:


Jeju Best Hill (Indoor Drone Racing Program)

Jeju Best Hill (제주 베스트 힐) is an experiencing site offering accommodation place and family or group experience programs such as hot air balloon, indoor drone racing, VR games, and even a hill to climb right behind your staying place. If I could say in Indonesian culture, this place is the just the same as an outbound/camping site. The difference is just this place offers more high-end entertainment 😁

I did not have the chance to stay overnight here and try the camping site. But I did try the drone racing program. I actually also want to try the hot air balloon, but since it was winter time, they cannot really fly the hot air balloon. Anyway, the indoor drone racing was a lot of fun! I tried flying a drone for the first time in my life! I thought it was easy, but OMG I need to get the drone on the right direction first if I want to fly it nicely without causing any problems. It was fun but I guess the racing track is not as challenging as it seems, and people were still trying to adapt the controlling technique so we did not really do the “racing” hahaha. But anyway, it was a nice experiment and lots of fun too.

The price for playing around 30 minutes is 20,000 won (per person). But during that time you need to change the battery several times. I guess 30 minutes is more than enough to try the drone racing program. When you play, beware of those drones, they might roll down and jump to you 😂

After the drone racing, we also went to see the picture of Blackpink and BTS photoshoot on that place using the hot air balloon. If only it were not in winter, I would have wanted to try the hot air balloon also. We also climbed the hill up a bit. Up until the course we went, it was not steep at all. The scene there was natural and you can find some nice photo spots also. We took some pictures in the woods.

Camping Site
In the woods
Flying the drone
Drone Racing Experience

Jeju Best Hill

📍 Address: Cheju, Jochon-eup, 조천읍 남조로 2109-36

📞 Inquiry: +82-10-7272-1888

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


Sunrise Land (Ilchul Land 일출랜드)

Photo group of Jeju Muslim Ambassadors in Ilchul Land

The second place we visited was Ilchul Land (일출랜드, Ilchul is a Korean transliteration meaning sunrise). Ilchul land is a theme park with many sculptures, decoration and a cave, which got popular after the Running Man shooting which used this place. This park has a natural cave called Micheon Cave. I went through until the end of the cave and it gave me a bit of goosebump cos it was only two of us and kinda dark, cold, and humid😱. But I consider this cave to be unique since they decorated the cave with some lights decoration or even a light projection. I took some photos inside the cave.

You can also find some souvenir shops in this place and I think the price is not that expensive (normal price). I bought some key chains as souvenirs. If you are hungry while exploring the park, you can easily find coffee shops or food stalls inside. But most importantly, this park provides a praying room! 😍 This is one in a million, you can barely find a praying room in a park in Korea. The praying room is kinda small but I really appreciate their effort in providing a space for Muslims to pray. They put the sink inside so we can easily do the washing without leaving the room.

The episode of Running Man at Ilchul Land

TIcket counter
Map of Ilchul Land
Prayer room in Ilchul Land, front view
Inside the prayer room
Inside prayer room
Illumination inside the cave
Illumination inside the cave
Souvenir shop

Sunrise Land
📍 4150-30 Jungsangandong-ro, Seongsan-eup, Seogwipo, Jeju-do
🕣 08:30 – 18:00

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

New Jayeonero (뉴 자연으로)

For the lunch today, we tried a Korean traditional restaurant. The served menu included many types of side dishes, two main dishes, and whole grain rice. I personally love the variety of the side dishes, and most of them are vegetarian, so InsyaAllah they are Muslim friendly. For the main dishes, we ordered a kimchi pancake 김치파전 (siblings of seafood pancake, but they put kimchi instead of seafood), Ueong rice 우엉덮밥, a cold noodle 토마토 비빔국수.

Kimchi pancake is a traditional Korean snack so you might want to try it if you visit Korea, and I think fried food such as Kimchi Pancake (left plate) is suitable for our southeast Asian tongue. But since it has some sour taste from the kimchi, I might not recommend it for those who avoid kimchi.

Another main dish is tomato buckwheat noodles or 토마토 비빔국수  (right plate). You need to mix it first so the tomato puree is mixed well with the soba noodles. When I tried it, I was expecting for hot noodles but it was actually cold noodles! It was my first time eating cold noodles and it was unique 😂 I think I would recommend this menu for those who love to try something new and challenge themselves.

The price is not that expensive, just like a normal food price in Seoul (7000-8000 won). I will recommend if you love trying something new, especially Korean traditional food. But be sure to ask the ingredients of each dishes in case you have dietary concerns!

Menu, unfortunately they only provide in Korean

Interior of the restaurant

Interior of a traditional restaurant, feels like home

New Jayeonero (뉴자연으로)
📍 1079-5 Samdal-ri, Seongsan-eup, Seogwipo, Jeju-do

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

Teddy Bear Museums

You might be wondering what’s so special about Teddy Bear until they made a museum. The history came from the United States where President Theodore Roosevelt was hunting for a bear but couldn’t find one. After some time, his subsidiaries found a cube and gave it to the President to shoot the bear. But instead of shooting it, the President commanded to let the cube go. This story was booming at that time. Someone then decided to make a plush toy with the shape of a cube and named it Teddy Bear, which was a nickname of President Theodore Roosevelt when he was young. Since then, Teddy Bear was popular all over the world.

Teddy Bear Museum is filled with various themes of real-life events, such as NASA missions, some world records event, or individuals, such as Vincent van Gogh and Marlin Monroe etc. The museum also provides a store with many teddy bear merchandise and some outside photo spots such as a food truck and a very big Teddy Bear.