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Hello, everyone!

It feels like years since the last time I wrote an article here hahaha, sorry for the long wait! I actually want to write a looooot of things that have happened to me since I enrolled at SNU, there were ups and downs, joy and bitterness, therefore, I came up with the idea of weekly post challenge, to cover all of those unforgettable stories I have while residing in Korea!

But before that, I need to make sure all of my beloved readers would read this short notice (important part in bold).

I spend about one hour to reply around 10 comments because I really want to elaborate everything that I know in detail. Therefore, I really appreciate if readers would take more time to read the other comments (and of course my answers) before asking a question.

No, it does not mean I do not like you people asking me, I actually feel motivated to continue working on the website because of the comments you leave, but it is kinda sad if the efforts I worked on answering the comment are buried because no one takes a second look. I would really appreciate if you ask by replying to the comment which is related to your question, therefore it will be easier for me to help you solve the issue 🙂 If you have tried to read the comment and cannot find one which is related, feel free to leave a new comment!

Oh also, I would really appreciate if you leave the comment in a bulleted form, thus I can grasp the question well 🙂

second notice…

I deactivated my IG, hahaha. Although it is only temporary because I might need it later, it was kinda a good decision at this moment. Because before I deactivated my IG, I spent hours on it every day without realizing that I could have written something helpful about pursuing scholarships or studying abroad in this website. This made me really disappointed in myself! 😞 

Therefore, I temporarily deactivated my IG and am trying to be more productive by writing more. I got this motivation especially after listening to a talk by Pak Cah, author of Wonderful Family, as I asked him a question how to get the motivation to write (I might write a post about his talk). And he answered something like “set your priority right”.

So, yes, I want to prioritize writing on my website more. Specifically saying, I am resolved to post weekly article since this month. Please kindly let me know if you have any particular story in your mind, I would greatly appreciate it 😊 And I also want to hear your opinion, whether it would be better to write in English or in Indonesian. Thanks before 🙂

Third, for those who celebrate Ramadhan…

In less than 2 weeks we will have this month full of blessings, I am so happy to welcome this beautiful month! I really hope we can spend this year Ramadhan well, wherever you are! Because it is indeed more challenging if you are living in a country with Muslim as a minority. Generally speaking, people will start to question your motivation for fasting, and you need to commute for a longer distance to reach the Mosque, then do the taraweeh prayer at around 9:30 pm, and more importantly, we do not have our family to break the fasting with or eating sahoor together. but it is okay! this is the beauty of Ramadhan, we will appreciate more all of those time we had, and appreciate the time that God still gives us till now. Happy Ramadhan!

Fourth and last…

I am having two exams on this week and next week, and they did make me freaked out a little bit because this one subject is about Transmission Electron Microscope. It deals a lot with math and physics in which I do not have strong backgrounds. And another subject is about Nanomaterials, where I need to present a kind of research proposal or research progress. But up until now, I have not really decided on my topic yet because of some circumstances, therefore I hope you could wish me luck with my research! Oh, anyway, I would love to write some articles about my academic life, including lectures and research progress on this website. Please kindly let me know if you are interested!

That is all the post for this week! Starting today, I will post at least one article every week. The topic will be random, but if you have a certain topic that you wanna read, please leave a comment below!

Thank you for reading, and have a great day (or rest)!


SNU Dormitory, Sunday 6th May 2018.



ps. yesterday was Children Day in Korea. but because it was on Saturday, the government decided to make this Monday as a holiday too. That’s why I am up till this late 😆 (currently at 12:08 am)

pps. I spent 2 hours on this short notice! that’s a pretty long time. But I heard that writing skills can be improved by writing more, so I am looking forward to it!


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  1. May 6, 2018

    😁, 1. To be honest some of people might be too lazy doing this 😢.
    2. well I did this too, not really deactivate though, I just delete it from my phone 🤣. so if I need it I open it from my PC, since sometimes i need some photo inspiration from there.
    3. certain topik? hmm tell us about your SNU life, 😀 especially as a “lab, Person”

    • May 6, 2018

      Wah alhamdulillah dikomen sama penulis sekaligus fotografer yg jam terbangnya udah tinggi 😂
      Balesnya gmna nih jadi awkward hahahaha
      1. Udah pengalaman ya kayaknya? 😂 semoga banyak yg msh considerate lah ya wkwk
      2. Loh kamu uninstall? Trs udah ngga update2 kah? 😱 Kalau update foto kan harus ada aplikasi di hpnya ya?
      3. Lol hahaha, roger that. Stay tuned 😂

      • May 7, 2018

        hik awkward paan :3 ga boleh gitu. 😁.
        banyak yang lucu lucu dah kalo nanya soal KGSP, 😂. soal Instagram di Laptop ada aplikasinya 😂 jadi kalo butuh buka laptop artinya ga bakalan sampe yang bangun tidur buka hp buka instagram dll.. update bakalan secukupnya.

  2. indah
    June 15, 2018

    wah there kak very solid well timed especially when the month of ramadan, I want to ask a little what kak have an Indonesian friend there or a kind of association of Indonesian students, sorry if the English is still a mess

    • July 11, 2018

      yes yes, we have Indonesian student association also here! it is called perpika! you can google it 🙂

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