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It’s been a long time already since my last post here, and I’m really sorry about that. 😢

If you follow my IG, you must have read that I have been struggling a lot with the cold winter, and also exams. But fortunately, the exam period finished already, and now I am focusing on the research topic for my master thesis (not to mention being accompanied by the harsh weather in Korea)… I really want to upload an article about my life in Korea, especially about the laboratory life. What do you think? 😆

Okay, this post is actually dedicated for those who still haven’t read the KGSP Guidelines (despite its importance when your really-really want to apply for the scholarship) 🙄

But it’s okay! Because now that I posted the guidelines so I really hope that you can read it first before asking a question. Then, after you read it thoroughly, feel free to ask me anything! I will try to answer as best as I could 😄

So, there are several ways to download the guidelines, from the Republic of Korea Embassy website in your country and also from the website.

1. Embassy Website (Indonesia)

First, you can google the embassy website address

Then you can click the “Pengumunan Kedubes” (I think Koreans use to upload almost everything in this Notice Board. My university and labs’ websites also upload almost everything in “Notice/공지” section)

Next, there will be a bunch of posts, so you need to read carefully the title and choose what you want to read. This one is for the embassy track of Undergraduate Program.

If you go to the later pages, you can find the older post, and this one is for 2017 KGSP Graduate Guidelines. You can just click on the title.

If you click on the title, you will see the post and also the attachment (if it has). You could just directly download the attachment by clicking on it.


2. Studyinkorea Website

Before the 2nd round result came out, I usually only accessed the documents from embassy website (because I tried thru the Embassy track, so everything was there already). But it turned out that I still need to open the studyinkorea website as I need to check the result for the 2nd round. So I thought that it might be useful for all of you to know this website more.

Studyinkorea is actually very useful and you might have checked this website a lot if you really want to study in Korea. You can access it at this address:

After opening the page, you will see the menu, and you can click on the “Scholarship” menu (as what I circled). And drop down menu will come out and you can click on “GKS Notice” submenu.

From this part, the display is pretty much the same as the embassy website. You can look for what you want and just click on the post title. This one is for 2017 Graduate Guidelines.

You can find the attachment that you can download inside of the post, and just click on it if you want to download.


Here, I provide you also with the guidelines and application form! But you still need to access the website to download the other documents (university guidelines and FAQ). For those who haven’t tried, I suggest you download from this website and read a lot of articles posted there 🙂

3. 2017 KGSP-G Application Forms

1. 2017 KGSP-G Application Guidelines (Korean & English)

I hope it could help those who wonder how to download the KGSP Guidelines. I understand that it is kinda confusing to look for scholarship information (as different scholarship has different website format, cannot be helped 🙁), so I want to provide this information to you all.

Thank you for reading this post! See you in the next post (or comment)!


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