How I Met My Supervisor (HIMMS): Part 2

I will continue the story with the last part of How I Met My Supervisor. I hope I could still elaborate it well because it has been so long since it happened 🤔

I was both happy and anxious at the same time when I heard that the department already assigned me with a laboratory; happy because I got a laboratory, but anxious because of the spin dynamics things.

After my friend and I heard that we got our laboratory already, we went outside of the department because nevertheless, we could not meet our supervisor that day. So we went to the student center to look around and took a photo. Then we went on our separate way.

That was when suddenly I got an email from the professor.

In the email, the professor said that he wanted to meet me on Monday. But at that time I would have been in Daejeon so I asked him whether we could make the meeting sooner, like on Saturday or Sunday (it was Friday, by the way). And he said OK to meet on Saturday 😊

I was actually feeling guilty because that weekend was supposed to be my holiday with my KGSP friends (Gita, Ana, and Bobby) but I had to meet my supervisor because that would be the last chance during the week. Fortunately, my friends understood and were even being so considerate by pushing back our traveling schedule, oh I love them so much!

So the next day, after I visit the Line Store in Myeongdong with my friends, I said goodbye and headed to SNU. On the way there, I spared some time to eat nearby the Nakseongdae Station and bought some bread for the supervisor. It would be my first time meeting him so I really did not want to make any bad impression. Then I got an email from him that I could just call him when I had arrived in SNU, and I replied with an OK then I rode the bus to SNU.

Well, unfortunately, bad things happened. I forgot that I ran out of phone balance so I could not place a call to tell my supervisor that I have already arrived at SNU. I was thinking that I could make a transfer from Woori bank with my Hana bank account but turned out that it was impossible (perhaps because the ATM machine did not support all card or something). So I was a little bit panicking and sent an email to him telling that I already arrived in SNU but I did not have any phone balance.

So instead of waiting outside of the building, I just went inside and rushed to his office. I knocked several times but there was no answer! 😨 Then while sending another email to him, I waited for several minutes but still, there was no reply…

So I went to the administration office, hoping that perhaps it would be opened even if it was Saturday. When I reached the floor, I suddenly met a man on his 30s or 40s and without thinking, I threw a question whether he knew where would my Professor be (I said my Prof’s name). And turned out that he was my supervisor! Woaa I was so relieved that I finally met him!

He gave me a Callister book! The Holy book of Materials Science Engineering. The price is 90.000 won and just gave me the book saying it was a present for me.

He welcomed me with such warm manners as he talked a lot during our way to the office. I did not feel any awkward moments or feeling anxious while around him, I guess because he was open to speaking about anything, even about his family; he is married with 3 children.

And after a little bit of chit-chat about some casual stuff, he told me about the research topic. He said that when the department received my application, he read about the nanomaterials so he chose me. Because he wanted to do research about nanoparticles especially about nano magnetic so he thought it might be suitable for me. I was so happy when I knew that he considered about that thing! Since I thought that he might ask me to do about spin dynamics or something that would be totally new for me. And also I am pretty interested in nano magnetic as they have broad range of application, thank God 😌

After some times had passed, suddenly we heard the knocking sound. They were my laboratory senior! When I first saw them, I was actually mesmerized by their appearance! Well actually I was thinking that SNU students might look nerdy or too serious, but they dressed really well and had good appearances, so pretty and handsome, kkk.

The professor introduced me to them and he asked them to help me about anything (because I was new here). The prof later gave me a book (Materials Science and Engineering by Callister) and then asked my seniors to take me to the laboratory and introduce me to the other lab mates.

The laboratory is located in the building number 37 and it has many instruments which were new to me. Several times, the senior said that I must have tried this or that instruments but innocently I just said I have not used any of those instruments (well that is the truth). But fortunately, he was okay with that and just told me that someone would teach me.

After the lab tour, the senior took me to a cafe nearby the department to grab some beverages. I think it is a culture here to welcome someone, so I happily followed them and grab a cup of juice. I thought after that we would separate our way but turned out that they asked me to sit down again in the student center. Woa I felt so welcomed, they were so nice.

We chit-chatted about so many stuff and I even asked them whether it was difficult to study in SNU. And they said yes without thinking, lol. I was not surprised though because I also expected it to be difficult (already heard a lot about SNU…). I need to be brave because I already took this path of living 😂

We ended the meet up after several minutes of chatting and said goodbye in front of the students center. I really hope that I will get along well with all lab members there ❤️


Thank you for reading this article!


Seoul National University Dormitory Bld. 902,

10:15 p.m. 29th of August 2017

Early of Autumn (it is cold already)

Inna YK

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  1. herni
    October 2, 2017

    Kak mau nanya seputar surat rekomendasi, dosen saya sewaktu mengisi surat rekomendasi beliau bertanya soal bagian tabel classification karena kurang paham untuk mengisi, sayapun kurang paham?
    Mohon bantuanya, soalx mau daftar lagi tahun depan

    • October 4, 2017

      Halo, table classification itu diisi berdasar kemampuan applicant dlm aspek2 tertentu yg dinilai relatif terhadap teman2 seangkatan applicant 🙂

    • Tresa
      December 29, 2017

      Dosen saya juga bertanya mengenai hal tersebut. Apakah kak herni sudah tahu cara mengisinya seperti apa?

  2. Dewina
    October 21, 2017

    Kak mau tanya nih, saya prnh dengar ktika di hubungi professor dr univ, mreka ada menanyakan soal apa research kamu. Research yg dimaksud disini itu rncana thesis kita kedepannya ya? Thanks before

    • October 25, 2017

      halo, iya kurang lebih seperti itu. jadi akan ditanyakan mungkin:
      1. sebelumnya riset ttg apa (selama pendidikan sebelumnya)
      2. topik riset yg menarik untuk anda
      3. rencana riset yg akan dilakukan apabila masuk ke univ tsb

      semoga membantu 🙂

  3. Isabela
    November 12, 2017

    Hi, my name is Isabela and I’m from Brazil. I’m starting to prepare my self for KGSP and get to know more about it, but I have some insecurities about my application.

    I’m going to apply for the field of Engineering (undergraduate), but I’m only 18 years old and I don’t know how can I upgrade my curiculum. I have good grades and I will take the TOEFL ibt, but I do not know if it is enough to win the scholarship.

    I understand how important the study plan and the essay abou yourself is important, but it is enough? I would like your opinion about it.

    Thank You! Your blog is really helpful!

    • November 28, 2017

      hello there!
      Honestly, I don’t really know much about the undergraduate scholarship program, but I believe they do require high grades. English is also important because they usually conduct the interview in English (in my country case). so taking the TOEFL ibt will definitely help your application!

      yes, you also need to write in detail for study plan and have a clear aim and vision. I cannot really answer if you ask me whether it would be enough or not. But the most important thing is to try your best. If those parts are the only option where you can improve the application form, then try your best there.

      But it would also be better if you could join competitions to get more experience. the result doesn’t really matter, you do not have to win. but what matter is what you can learn a lot from those experiences. (this experiences hopefully will shape you and you can write better for any scholarship applications!)

      Hope it helps.

      ps. for my case, I joined a conference abroad with the support of my supervisor. but when I arrived there, my poster was kind of a joke compared to the other presenters (mine was so bad lol). But I still wrote that part in my application, because I learned a lot from that experience!

  4. Wahyu
    January 18, 2018

    Hello. Thank you for sharing information about KGSP and it is very useful. I have one question about embassy track or university track. What do you think about university track? I am thinking to submit application by university track instead of embassy track. How to increase possibility to get this scholarship by university track?

    • February 12, 2018

      sorry I didn’t apply thru university track so I cannot answer your question

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