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During my stay in Korea, many people asked me about KGSP application, especially about what to write in study plan or future plan sections. It is actually something that you know very well but somehow difficult to make it as a plan or even how to start the essay. In my case, I also need to read almost all of the comments from a certain blog (made by Indonesian who already got KGSP scholarship) just to have an insight how to start the study plan. If I did not find it, perhaps I would just end up like SpongeBob and his essay.


So today I want to explain some tips about how to write study plan based on my experience. Please note that I will not share my own application because firstly it was my personal story and experience, and secondly because I do not want to limit your creativity and imagination in writing your own life plan.

  1. Divide your plan into terms, for example, you will be staying in Korea for 3 years, so you can make it as 6 school-terms plan. Create it as a bullet or numbered list because it will be easier to read, and do not forget to give emphasis for every plan that you think will have a great impact on your development during each term.
  2. Make it obvious and straight-forward. Do not make complex sentences in the application because it might be difficult for the interviewer to understand what you wrote.
  3. Show the connection between your study plan and your future plan. The study plan while living in Korea must be the foundation for what you want to achieve after finishing the study. It could be like joining some club activities or publish a journal and explain what impact they would have for the future.
  4. Do not forget that you will be staying to learn the language for 6 months or 1 year (depends on the Korean skills though), so you could also mention your eagerness to study Korean.

Well, for now, those all I could suggest for you about the study plan. If next time I had another tips or suggestion, I will add as a new post.

About the study plan, please make sure that you are really passionate about what you will do while staying in Korea or even in the future. I learned that in a few countries (usually far-far away from Korea), they have very low interest on KGSP, even only 2 persons applied and both of them get accepted (heard it from my fellow because it’s her own experience) and also their government even asked few students to accept the scholarship.

Okay, It might be a paradise for some of you who love Korea and are currently living in those countries, BUT for you who are living in Indonesia, or the other with high competition rate, you should show and prepare the very best of you. Because many people are also aiming for it, with all of them showing different educational background, experience, and also soft-skills.

The acceptance rate in Indonesia for my batch was 10/500, which means from 500 applications to the embassy, only 10 got the scholarship. But do not lose your hope before you face the battle itself. Fighting!


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