5 Tips for Future Plan (KGSP Application)

Future Plan

Hello all! Thanks for visiting my website. In this post, I provide some tips about how to write a Future Plan in KGSP application. I hope it could help you to have some ideas about what should be mentioned in the future plan.

Suggestion on how to write a future plan:

  1. Divide your plan into short term goal and long term goal. For example, the short-term goal could be your goals during 3 years period after obtaining your degree in Korea and the long term goal is what you will do after completing the short term goal.
  2. You should only mention what you truly want to do, and not because you think it will impress the interviewer. Because in the Embassy track interview test, one of the interviewers is a psychologist, therefore he/she would know if you are not telling the truth.
  3. It does not have to be something related to Korea or your home country. It is basically what you want in your life. The interviewer once said that they do not mind about what path you choose later because the scholarship does not require you to work in Korea or go back directly to your home country.
  4. It would be better if you could mention the reason behind your goal, such as personal experience or insight for a greater good. It will make the interviewer to have a better understanding for your passion or your dream, and why you really want to achieve those.
  5. Make it related to your study plan, because writing a completely contrary put no meaning for your study in Korea. For my case, I wrote in the study plan about how would I spent my 3 years in Korean to be a great scientist, therefore in my future plan, I mentioned my passion as a scientist and what I desire in the future while being a scientist.

Those are all that I could suggest for writing the Future plan for scholarship application, especially KGSP. If you have another suggestion or maybe a detailed question about the future plan, please mention in the comment section below. Thank you and Happy New Year 2017! 🙂


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