Is It Autumn or winter: What Did I Prepare for It

2016.11.10 – 11:00 pm.

Daejeon (two and a half hours from Seoul) is currently covered by yellowish red leaves as the autumn season is coming to town. The first week of autumn, perhaps in the end of September, was great. The weather was not too hot nor too cold.

But right after that, BOOM, we experienced the lowest temperature during fall season this year which is around -1 °C. Two days after that the weather became normal again. And yet yesterday, it hit around 0 °C. This pattern keeps on repeating even until next week. Therefore, many people here can be seen wearing winter jacket with a heat-tech suit, scarf and knit hat to prevent catching a cold during this unsteady season.

Well, me too…

As a newbie in this kind of situation, I prefer to use warm jacket covering my body than having a cold. Days before the prediction of a super cold day, I’ve already bought some winter jackets as the teacher warn. Two of them are a secondhand jacket (can be found near the Daejeon Station) and one new from Uniqlo. I also bought several sweaters to be used during not-so-cold days.

Gloves are also highly important because many times I could not feel my hand at all. They do easily get very cold, but the struggles just to take out the phone from my pocket was too real. Hence, I decided to buy one also from Uniqlo (the cheapest place with medium/pretty good quality).

But the must-have item during winter here is… HEAT-TECH!

I’ve already bought three pieces from Uniqlo and would still want to buy more since it is warm and thin (not like knitted clothes which take many spaces). They advertised it as a heat-generating clothing, light-weight high-tech fabric that actually creates heat to warm you up and keep you warm. It is actually really warm so I usually put some considerations upon wearing it, like in a day below 10 °C. One day, I didn’t realize that the temperature would rise up to 18 °C around noon (from 7 °C) so I innocently wore it. Unfortunately, in the last period of class, I could feel myself sweating inside the heat tech while saying to my friends several times that the class was too hot. Yeah, I ended up being too warm myself.

In addition to clothes, skin care is truly important in winter.

While living in Indonesia, I did not need high SPF lotion or hydrating skin care. But due to extreme weather change here, during summer I need to put SPF lotion to reduce (or blocked) the damage from the summer heat, and during winter I need to put many hydrating lotions to prevent skin cracked. That is why I bought some hydrating properties skin care, body lotion, and lip balm. I put it every day before going out and it does feel much better.

Okay, that’s what I prepared for winter. If you have some advice to face winter, please let me know in the comment section below! 🙂


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